Merchant Account for Beauty, Hair, and Nail Salons

Merchant Account For Barber Shops

If you own or are planning to open a barber shop then please take a serious look at our excellent merchant account program for your salon. Since 1996 Credit Card Processing Services has enjoyed working with several hundred salon owners by providing the latest processing equipment combined with excellent pricing.

Free Credit Card Terminal

Our salon program starts out by providing you a free Ingenico iCT220 credit card terminal. This sleek, sharp looking, simple to use terminal will look great on the counter of every modern beauty salon.


MasterCard & Visa Debit / Check / Prepaid (Non- PIN Based)
.59 % + .28 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Credit Cards (Qualified Swiped )
1.69 % + .18 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Credit Cards (Mid-Qualified – Rewards Cards)
2.69 % + .18 per Transaction
MasterCard & Visa Credit Cards (Non-Qualified – Business Cards)
2.99 % + .18 per Transaction
Dues & Assessments
0.11 % (11 Basis Points)
Access Fees
2 Cents
Debit Cards (With PIN)
15 Cents plus Network Fee
External PIN Pad for Debit Cards (Optional)
$5.00 per Month
Debit Cards (With PIN)
15 Cents plus Network Fee
Discover Card (Almost the Same Rates as MasterCard & Visa)
Included Automatically
Monthly Minimum (Equates to Approx. $1500 in Sales)
Monthly Service Fee
Daily Batch Fee
10 Cents
24/7 Toll-Free Tech Support
Application Fee
Setup Fee
Annual Fee
Termination Fee (Month to Month)
Ingenico Credit Card Terminal
Free Placement
Equipment Shipping
Terminal Training
Above Pricing Accurate as of:
October 2014
  • As an option we are able to setup your American Express merchant account.

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Add a PINpad to your Terminal

If you would like to add a PINpad to your terminal in order to accept online PIN-based debit cards then please let us know. For only $5.00 per month we will send you an encrypted PINpad. By having your customer enter their PIN it will save you in processing fees, especially for transaction amounts over $50.00.

As you can see from the pictures below the iCT220 is EMV ready to be able to accept all of the new chip based cards that are now being issued in addition to all of the current mag-stripe cards currently in the marketplace. Depending upon the card the customer can either wave it over the terminal or it can be entered into the front facing chip reader slot. In addition it accepts NFC near frequency transactions so you are also ready to accept cards using Apple Pay™.

Now that you have read about our program we would like to talk with you. Please feel free to contact Kevin by email, by calling 215-489-7878 or toll-free at 800-717-1245, or by completing the I Want More Info form to discuss the Credit Card Processing options for your salon.


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