Service Ageement

Terms and Conditions

BILLING AND PAYMENT: Promo King set-up fee is paid in advance at the time of the application. The email list building fee will be collected monthly, on the last calendar day of the month in the first full month after this application is processed, via ACH bank account debit. The monthly email production and delivery fees for the Promo King permission email and loyalty program will be collected via ACH bank account debit on the last calendar day of each month. Any necessary Promo King direct billing is due and payable upon receipt.

DATABASE / CONFIDENTIALITY: Promo King and our business partners do not share, sell, or rent information in Client’s database unless ordered by a court of law. Client’s database is private and secure and is backed up at a secure hosting facility. Individual client databases are never combined with any other databases or information.

ANTI-SPAM POLICY: Client may not use Promo King or our partners to send unsolicited email (“spam”). Client email sent by Promo King or its partners will be considered unsolicited (“spam”) if Client email addresses provided to Promo King are not 100% permission based opt-in by Client email list members. Customer will not use rented or purchased lists, email-appended lists, or any list that contains email addresses captured in a method other than permission based opt-in. Any violation of these policies will subject Customer account to immediate termination.

CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY: All information supplied to Promo King and our partners by Client, to include newsletter content, is proprietary and will not be used for any other purpose without Customer’s express approval. This does not include content and information that is publicly available from any product or service supplier of Client.

TERM / TERMINATION: The term of this agreement shall be for one (1) year from the first billing date and will renew automatically unless either party notifies the other party in writing within sixty (60) days from the end of each contract year. Either party may terminate this agreement with (60) days written notice.

DATABASE RETRIEVAL: Upon the unlikely termination of this Agreement, Promo King and our partners shall return to the Client, in a comma-delimited file, all names, and information of any kind (specific to Client) stored on our database servers, provided there are no outstanding balances owed to Promo King or our affiliates.

PROMO KING SERVICES: Promo King and our partners will provide Customer with the following services:

  1. Designate a full time Campaign Manager for customer service and account management
  2. Design, build and host eClub Registration Portal, integrated into Customer website
  3. Maintain ongoing permission email database building ideas and “best practices” information
  4. Provide analytics to monitor permission based email database growth and trends
  5. Configure automated “Welcome” email confirmation
  6. Configure automated Birthday and Anniversary emails
  7. Implement “send to a friend” viral marketing component
  8. Traffic the content necessary to produce customized permission email campaigns
  9. Use “best practices” in email production to insure optimum response rates and effectiveness
  10. Provide functionality for personalization of email to include web links and coupons
  11. Produce, test, and verify that HTML mail is email compliant
  12. Monitor content and file size of email campaigns, to insure optimum delivery
  13. Provide 24/7 secure online campaign reports with graphs
  14. Provide Unlimited database fields and lists for user profiling and targeting
  15. Complete List Management to include bounce backs, unsubscribes and email address cleansing
  16. Ensure CAN-SPAM ACT 2003 Compliancy
  17. Provide fully secure database protection and privacy assurance

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY: Client shall send in a timely manner, monthly newsletter ideas, content, and graphics to for email creation, production and delivery. Any permission email list’s to be imported from Client into Promo King and partners Client database will be sent in comma-delimited files to assigned email address or FTP location provided by designated Campaign Manager.



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