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Credit Card Processing for Business to Business and Business to Government Merchants


Merchant Application Worksheet

Once you have decided to sign up for our merchant account program please fully complete this Merchant Application Worksheet. What we will do with this information that you provide is to transfer it to the original merchant application. We will then fax or mail the application to you for your signature. Also included will be a checklist noting each of the items, if any, that we will need to process your application.

Business Information:

Business DBA Name
Legal Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
State Zipcode

Business Number (Including Area Code)
Home Number (Including Area Code)
Fax Number (Including Area Code)

Your E-mail Address
Website Address (If applicable)

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) - Required if Corp. or LLC

Date Business Started (MMYY)

Which legal category describes your business:

Do You Own or Lease Your Business Premises
Lease Term

Product or Service Information:

Please Briefly Describe Type of Product / Service Sold

Average Visa/MC Purchase $
Maximum Ticket Amount $
Average Visa/MC Monthly Volume $

Owner's Information:
Owner's Full Name
Title (Ex - Owner, Partner, President)
Home Address
State Zipcode

How Long At This Address

Home Phone Number (Please include area code)

Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY)

Social Security Number

% of Business Ownership

The % of Business Ownership must equal at least 50%. If more than one owner please provide the above information in the comments section.

Bank Reference:
Name of Bank
Bank Address
State Zipcode

Bank Contact Name (If applicable)
Bank Phone Number (Include Area Code)

Routing Number (ABA) - 9 Digits on Bottom Left of Check
Checking Account Number

Additional Card Types:

Amexican Express

Yes No
I would like to apply for an American Express merchant account.
Here is my existing American Express SE number (10 Digits)

Discover Card

Yes No
I would like to apply for a Discover Card merchant account.
Here is my existing Discover Card merchant number (15 Digits)

Please fax a copy of a blank check in which you write Void across it to 215-489-7880. You can also scan and email it to Kevin@ccps.biz. Also, if you are currently accepting MasterCard/Visa please provide a copy of your latest monthly statement.

Questions or Comments:

All information is held in strictest confidence. Thank You.



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