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Reporting that Informs and Conforms

ACH Secure reporting is designed to conform to the needs of accounting departments and inform management. Daily detailed reporting meets the needs of accounts receivable control and recording. Summary reports give the management overview needed in a business.

Through the secure online interface at you will have real-time 24/7/365 access to all of your account activity. The valuable reports included in your program are:

12 Month ACH Summary
View a summary of ACH/Electronic Check transactions for the past 12 months.

Daily File Summary Search
View a list of daily ACH/Electronic Check files from the date range selected.

Daily Deposit Search
View daily ACH/Electronic Check file deposits specified by the selected date range.

Transaction Search
Search for specific ACH/Electronic Check transactions by customer name, customer ID,
originator ID, account number, routing/transit number, transaction amount, or transaction

Daily Reject Search
View a list of rejects by a selected date range.

Monthly Statement Search
View monthly ACH/Electronic Check statements.

Monthly Processing Statement
A simple to read and understand processing statement with deposits listed and fees collected
that is mailed to you after the end of each month. We make reconciliation simple by
collecting our fees in a separate transaction at the end of the month.

All reports can easily be downloaded into a variety of reporting formats in order to allow you to analyze the data to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Free toll-free support is included in your program. Knowledgeable support representatives are available M-F from 8 AM – 8 PM EST.


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